(Identity, moto, goal of call)

NONE SHORT OF THE GLORY. A generation of stalwarts in the increase of the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ


(Calling, means to an end, strategy, mandate)

SHOWING THE LORD UPRIGHT. The tall order of adjusting man’s posture to the way of standing that confidence finds most proper to base the reliability of God upon


(Slogan, mantra, credo)

Righting The Standing; Stature That Goes The Distance

Target Group

(People this ministry most reaches)

People who build and want to be led, like those who lead and want to be built*

*Those who are not leaders in the ordinary sense are included because in English even just living is called leading a certain kind of life.

Home Pastor

The venerable Reverend Jaxon Lulika of Spirit and Word Ministries Uganda.


Members at Spirit and Word Ministries, Kampala, were in many cases the first to hear many of these teachings and songs and they received them well and were probably a great boost toward the books and recordings later going into print and on albums, without knowing it.

Sam Mugume, a beloved uncle, provided space and facilities for a number of years which helped the books and music be created, edited and finished.