The 67 Update - Build Your House

In December 2015 the Lord told me “it is time to build your house.” When this came in my spirit, it came back to mind how, a few days before, I had been reading Psalm 127:1 which says that, unless the Lord builds the house, they labour in vain that build it. Here now it was being made clear that this psalm was not written to tell people what they shouldn’t do so that God could build but what they should do so that God could build. Unless the Lord builds let them not build means as long as he builds let them build. So they are building with Him or building in what He is building or are built-in to His building. More interestingly 1 Cor. 3:9 says believers are God’s building adding to the reasoning that man cannot be excused from the exercise since himself is the project. He is being built by building as long as God is building. From this point it was wonderful to picture what a house is. God said “build through prayer.” 1 Cor. 14:4 talks about how the man that prays in tongues builds himself up. What is “himself” that he is building. Certainly not his spirit alone. For he is all that concerns him. All his state of affairs. His spirit, his soul, his body; his wife and children and family; his livelihood if that is a profession or business; his community; his nation and so on and so forth. That is all him. His establishment, his name, his profile. Of course building this builds the name but building the name to build this is the shorter and more enlightened route. God said “build your brand.” The brand consolidates somebody’s concerns into one thing and thus makes it one thing to build rather than many things to build into one. All existing or new activities should be labelled or re-labelled in a way that ties in to the central label. Furthermore every activity should be packaged into a product or saleable item. Just being known for some activity is not enough since nobody can touch it or use it and relate to it meaningfully. Good cooking and recipes, for example, should be packaged into particular deliverable dishes with names and prices and where to collect. Every family needs this. It is the reason the father’s name is the family name and the family name becomes the name of the family business and the family business name becomes the household name in the community because of their products being widely sold around there.

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