The 67 Update - The Year of the Red Sea

[First announced on 31 Dec 2015 and posted on Facebook on 15 Jan 2016.] 2016 will be “The year of the Red Sea.” The Red Sea represents baptism, for Israel was baptized in the Red Sea. Baptism is not just dipping – one has to be raised out of the water after. Israel was not left in the depths of sea but raised out. So baptism means “to be made to pass through.” 1 Cor. 10:2. Heb. 11:29.

“Though you pass through the waters, they shall not overflow you; though you pass through the fire, you shall not be burnt..” Isa. 43:2. In other words, baptism in waters (eg Noah and company) and baptism in fire (the 3 Hebrew boys) looks like it will kill but, like Peter says, is meant to save. 1 Peter 3:21.

Playing safe kills and losing your life, like Jesus said, saves it.

The Hebrew boys got executive offices; the bowers got no half-offices. Noah got a rescue; the mockers got no half-rescue. Caleb and Joshua got the Promised Land; their peers got no half-promised land. David got the king’s daughter; the well-wishers got no half-daughter.

A high stakes game, as it were, in which the winner takes it all. No consolation prizes. No half rewards. Loser gets nothing.

The year when “even the little you have will be taken from you”, like the man who feared to risk his talent, if you don’t take your next level. You don’t just forfeit the next level, you lose even the ground you now have. Likely even to the point of zero. It’s better called “do or die”.

High risk, high profit odds. Bigger game to take on, being forced to decide for less expensive or the deep end (more dependants or depending on more). No no-man’s-land; no middle ground.

The fear of liability is the enemy. Will you put your name down on a deal and believe you’ll be good for it? That you will pay the bill when it comes due? That you will deliver? That you will have the goods?

Even those who say they can’t take on credit are doing the opposite when they stand at the wedding altar and say “I do.” Not “I’ll try; I can’t be sure; I will see if I can afford it first and then commit.”

Any pledge on anything – even if as a confession that one will never be sick again in life – is somebody putting themselves up to owe. To owe people an outcome that is proof of their words or an explanation if things don’t happen.

Hence having the stomach for liability is an imperative of growth. Especially in this season.

Another thought in playing it safe versus saving life is saving money in the bank because of fear instead of investing where one is led to invest at the risk of loss and believing God for salvation in form of fruit yet to be seen.

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