The 67 Update - AS SIMPLE AS 123, Chapter Two

Chapter Two

After seeing how life becomes “As simple as 123” when someone goes back to where it all starts, which is 1,2,3,4…10, it does look no different than starting all over again when it comes round to 10,20,30,40…100 and, if so, ever closer to home.
The number 10 was already discovered in the group 1,2,3,4…10 to be EXCELLENCE. Perhaps the only thing to add, just for good measure, that was not mentioned then, is that “X” is the Roman Numeral for 10. To excel is thus ex related or 10 related.
The number 20 is the number for VISION. Having good eyesight is fairly commonly described as having 20-20 vision. And it’s not just doctors that think that way because such talk occurs on the street too, across all walks of life. In the military, the code soldiers use to radio each other about what they are seeing is 20. “Red Fox, do you copy? Black duck here; what’s your 20?” “Roger that, Black Duck; Dead End, I repeat, Dead End; do you copy?”
The number 30 is the number for A SHOW. It was when Jesus “began to be about 30 years of age” that He was REVEALED to the world beginning with baptism at the hands of His cousin John the Baptist who himself had been tucked away in the wilderness on longing vigil in camel hair cloak with locusts and wild honey for dinner “until the day of his SHOWING to Israel.” Since the Baptist was a forerunner to Messiah, the time of showing of the Baptist must also have also been when he began to be 30 as, even if he showed up earlier, it could not have been too long before, given how he was just 3 months older and how coming on the scene too early would have weakened the grand entrance of The Groom he saw himself as Best Man for. Luke 3:23; 1:80. John 3:27-30.
The number 40 is the number for STRENGTH. Saying “bookkeeping is not her forte” would mean that “bookkeeping is not her strength”. Forte is an English word – and sounding exactly forty – which is adopted from Italian for STRENGTH. This explains how come Jesus went into His 40-day fast “full of the Spirit” and came out of it “in the POWER [or STRENGTH] of the Spirit”. Elijah ate the angel’s food twice, after being told the journey was too great for him, and because of eating he walked 40 days in the STRENGTH of that food. 1 Kings 19:8. Luke 4:1,14.
The number 50 is the number for BOOMING. There is a famous term “the baby boomers” connected to the 1950s mostly meaning people born right after the end of World War II (1945) until well into the 1960s, a period during which the populations and economies of certain nations (especially the US) boomed. Incidentally this agrees with the biblical ideas like Pentecost which means 50 and is a celebration of harvest or booming agriculture 50 days after Passover as well as Jubilee every 50 years. Acts 2:1. Levit. 25:10,11.
The number 60 is the number for FIXES. It tends to be that 60 or so is the retirement age for most workers. Not the end of life but the age when they are fixed or sorted for the rest of life in that they enjoy that pension or severance package that they have been fixing up for, all their life. Plus that daily fix of anything to do to keep from being idle quite like the fix or shot an addict needs to get by or else he’ll be in a fix. They then get to fix some things that are wrong with the world that they’ve always thought needed fixing but had no time for previously. On top of the things they themselves have broken that they must fix like relationships, promises, institutions, objects hence for example restoring old cars or furniture or houses. What this number means for someone nowhere near retirement is everything said here only without the word retirement in mind. A fix of fixing something broken to fix being in a fix of idleness which can be the devil’s workshop.
The number 70 is the number for TABLES or POLITICS. From the 70 ambassadors of Jesus, the 70 deputies of Moses, the 70 years of Babylonian exile, the 70 scribes who compiled the Greek Old Testament LXX which Jesus endorsed by reading and quoting it. How amazing that most diplomacy or deals in the halls of power are referred to as “getting people to sit down and agree” or “bringing the stakeholders back to the table” or “roundtable talks” or “lawmakers tabling a bill in parliament or the house” or “a panel of experts making up the steering committee” or “a committee of five with the man at the head of the table as so and so”. Table is not always only figurative here because that is politics going on when statesmen, magnates, patrons or simply those who are influential invite someone to dine with them like when Esther hosted the king and Haman to a banquet in her time. Or when David had Mephibosheth – Saul’s only surviving relative – eat at his table as a gesture of reconciliation and respect. Or when the Babylonian king released Jechoniah the deposed Israelite ruler from prison, dressed him up royally and had him eat at his table the rest of his life with generous asides at a daily rate to top it all off. And it is politics when a woman knows her husband won’t easily share secrets or details with him so that she has his jogging buddies over for barbeque and gets to enjoy him spilling the beans. Num. 11:16-25. 2 Sam. 9:10-13. 2 Kings 25:29.
The number 80 is the number for WEIGHT. Eighty is weighty. It is unfortunate that Belshazzar’s ordeal with the handwriting on the wall has come to be the cause of the expression “your number is up”, although at times it is positive. Negative uses out there include for example when people say “when your number is up, your number is up” meaning “it is time up for you and you can’t do anything about it”. Positive uses of “your number is up” simply mean “your name has been called so step up” like it might happen in a waiting room at a consultant’s office. Here was the son of Nebuchadnezzar who did profane the holy cups his father had plundered from the Temple in Jerusalem to whom the hand wrote NUMBER, NUMBER, WEIGHT, MEASURE. Of which the interpretation was that his reign had been counted and finished, he had been weighed and found wanting and his realm was being divided to the Persians. When 80 shows up it indicates that a person’s number is up: their name has been called so they must stand up and be counted, so to speak. They must step up and be weighed for how well they have done. Hopefully their work won’t be found wanting like wood, hay and stubble are which are lighter or less dense than gold, silver and precious stones. Dan. 5:5,24-28. 1Cor 3:12,13.
The number 90 is the number for NIGHT. Ninety sounds very nighty, of course. It speaks of unknowns; of walking by faith and not by sight; of calling those things that are not as though they were; of things that are not bringing to nought the things that are. It is also grasping at straws, as the saying goes, the way someone in the dark would and a trial and error of sorts of stabs in the dark until the last straw that breaks the donkey’s back. It is seemingly feeling one’s way around as a blind man gropes in darkness; like Abraham making his way to a land the Lord told him would be shown to him somehow.
The number 100 is the number for FULL DISPOSAL or SUN or GLORY. Some seeds, according to Jesus, yield thirtyfold, others sixtyfold and others a hundredfold. Believers are promised a hundredfold as many houses, lands, wives, mothers, fathers as what they’ve sacrificed to live for God along with persecution. It does not mean 100 mothers literally but means it in the way Jesus explained the day when some asked Him to step out for a bit and see his parents who wanted to talk to Him. The Lord said those in the audience were His mother and father and brother and sister and so on because everybody who did His will qualified. In other words believers are promised they will have God fully at their disposal, as with hands ready and holding nothing back, in whatever currency they may need Him in: be it of seasonal fathers, mothers, lands and so on. That’s how Jesus could use people’s guestchambers, donkeys and other facilities as if they were His when needed. Actually this is what the Sun is a symbol of, especially at midday when it is said to be shining in its glory – full disposal, full care, full measure. Oh yes it is that same reward offered the giver – that of having good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over. Mark 4:20; 10:29,30. Matt. 12:48-50.1Tim. 5:1,2. Luke 6:38.

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