The 67 Update - AS SIMPLE AS 123, Chapter Four.

Chapter Four

The simple next step in being as simple as 123 will bring 10,20,30—100 back from around 11,22,33,44—99 to one step higher at every step thus 12,23,34,45—89.

First 12 going on 23…
The number 12 is the number for GOVERNMENT. The 12 sons of Jacob who govern the nation of Israel by its tribes. The 12 apostles of the lamb who govern the Jew-Gentile state called the Church. The 12-hours sun which governs the day and the 12-hours moon that governs the night. The 12 thrones, 12 gates and 12 foundations which govern New Jerusalem and the new world of the afterlife.
The number 23 is the number for MOMENTUM. Momentum being movement that keeps itself going after pushing stops. It’s the picture of the generator or powered lawn mower when somebody pulls the motor 1st time and it runs then quits then pulls 2nd time and it runs a little more but quits then pulls 3rd time and it runs without quitting needing no more cranking up. 2nd-3rd time is its momentum builder. It’s like the “Get on your marks; Get set; Go” that sends the sprinter packing without running out of steam. It’s the “Hop; skip and jump” of the leap that takes long for all it is worth.

Next 34 going on 45…
The number 34 is the number for PRAISE. It is the significance of Psalm 34 being the one to say that somebody will bless the Lord at all times and the Lord’s praise will continually be in that somebody’s mouth.
The number 45 is the number for to FORTIFY. Forty-five is not not far from fortify-ve thus fortify. A person shown this sign will fortify self and others by for example the Name that is a strong and mighty tower that the righteous run into and are safe. Prov. 18:10.

56 going on 67…
The number 56 is the number for FEASTY FLICKS. Fifty-six is fisty-fix  if letters are rearranged and fisty-fix is a step away from feasty-fix then feasty-flicks. To flick is to turn quickly thus feasty flicks are feasts turned. Feasts turned are feasts on what has been turned and feasts on what is being turned. Feasts in spite of changing circumstances. This is what Solomon means by he that is of a merry heart having a continual feast. Prov. 15:15.
The number 67 is the number for OVERCOMERS and UPHEAVALS. The English use the expression “to be at sixes and sevens” to mean turmoil. Incidentally overtaking, overcoming, overthrowing, overturning and overrunning are forms of bringing turmoil to establish a new order. Reordering by chaos and reordering chaos. Hence curtain-raisers, build-up matches, climaxes and landslides. This is how come Israel matched around Jericho in a 67 sequence to overcome it. It is why even the Lord who is not overcome by evil is overcome with shock when 6 things He hates meet with 7 that are an abomination to Him. It is why the trumpets, vials and signs in the book of Revelation or the last days have gaps between the 6th and the 7th which overcomes whatever has persisted. God created the world in 6days and rested or was overcome the 7th day – and it so happens that His work took place in the evenings which is the Hebrew word erev or chaos or disorder.

78 going on 89…
The number 78 is the number for to BANKROLL. To bankroll something is to fund something. But the bank element makes one think of it more as “being backed by the bank” or “having somebody or something to bank on”. Banking on somebody implies emergency hence emergency aid. The way people get to bank on Heaven is by allowing Heaven to bank on them – therefore the fellowship of giving and receiving, of sowing and reaping, of exchanges with Heaven. So 78 is a banking number. Ecclesiastes 11:1,2,6 says “Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days. Give a portion to SEVEN, AND also to EIGHT; for thou knowest not what evil shall be upon the earth… In the morning sow thy seed, and in the evening withhold not thine hand: for thou knowest not whether shall prosper, either this or that, or whether they both shall be alike good.” According to what the apostles taught, there is a bank account that fruit abounds to by reason of giving and which comes in handy in time of need or bankrolls their projects in what should be economic recessions so that they are not careful in drought nor do they see heat when it comes. Phil. 4:15,17. 2Cor. 9:10. Matt. 6:19. Deut. 28:11,12. Jer. 17:5-8.
The number 89 is the number for GETAWAYS. Getaways can stand for stealth or being elusive, evading capture, narrow escapes and generally slipperiness. Like the case of people being whisked away from a crowded place without being noticed. As people can be whisked away from prying eyes or hateful minds, assassins – just like plots and conspiracies – can be whisked away from people. Paul got away through a city wall of Damascus once the gates became a dead-end as Jesus evaded the mob at Nazareth when they were to have tipped Him over the cliff. If 8 is eat (from ate), which here can speak of that attempt at capture or getting somebody eaten, and 9 is denial (from nein or No in German) thus the slipperiness or evasiveness then 8+9 is denial to being eaten or the eluding of capture.

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