The 67 Update - AS SIMPLE AS 123, Chapter Three

Chapter Three
How 10,20,30,40…100 plays out in 1,2,3,4…10 is how 11,22,33,44…99 is simply the double blessing of the basics. The hints are in everyday life, waiting only to be discovered.
The number 11 is the number for PROOF. What does the “eleventh hour” that people are always substituting for the last minute have in common with that checkered or uneventful part of a life or a company’s career commonly called “chapter eleven” except proof of self, proof of convictions, proof whether this is the road one should be taking, proof of how much one has kept to the original objective or marching orders, proof of the validity of what one has trusted, proof, proof, proof. After all, uneventful is emptyhanded or non-proof-producing and the reason someone like the dissatisfied gardener Jesus talked about will not destroy the plant that is about to be written off for yet a little longer, hoping at the last minute it will disprove him. Matt. 20:6,9. Luke 13:6-9.
The number 22 is the number for TWO HEADS. They say “two heads are better than one.’ In other words putting heads together on an issue. Brainstorming but also counselling or consultation as well as consorting with or being a consort or colleague or co-conspirator of another, not necessarily in evil things. Which is nearly what is called tete-a-tete or head-to-head or two-people-talks or being “as thick as thieves”. And incidentally working something out is called “putting two and two together”.
The number 33 is the number for EYE TO EYE. If one were to flip the numbers in 33 one would get EE. So the person rolling his eyes at 33 finds two eyes looking back at him. He is eye to eye with something now. Or eyeball to eyeball. That is what being equal to the challenge looks like. Eyes locking like that indicates that the opponents are as good as being the same height, even if they are not. It is being up to the task. Being on the level with what is demanded, moreover. Having what it takes. Phil. 4:13 in Amplified Bible interprets a believer doing all things through Christ who strengthens men as him being ready for anything and equal to anything through the Lord who infuses him with inner strength and confident peace.
The number 44 is the number for WALKING TALL. For a longest time, “on all fours” has been the way of saying that someone is more or less crawling like a child or walking bent-over like an animal. The fours are the arms and legs or hands and knees or feet. But often, as it has been said that prayerful people are taller on their knees than they are on their feet, believers will be tall on all their fours and will walk upright in the situations that bring them to their knees. To lift up the hands which hang down, their master invites them, and to strengthen the feeble knees; to even make straight paths for their feet so that this which is lame may turned in order to be healed. Oh, what a tall order this is which makes them now a 4×4 or 4-wheel drive that is the all-roader like the believers whose feet are promised to be made like hinds’ feet or feet of mountain deers or mountain goats so that they have taken hold of their high places. Heb. 12:13. Psa. 18:33. Luke 13:11-17.
The number 55 is the number for PERFECT HOLINESS or TOTAL SEPARATION or BEING APARTLY APART. It is what people are when they are not “fifty-fifty” (50-50) or half-half or what the French call “comsi comsa” (pronounced com-see com-sa) meaning “like this like that”. They are not half in the world and half in the Lord. Nor are they half in lies and half in the truth. They are not half in their God-forsaken past and half in the God-ordained future. This is the number telling someone to heed Paul’s instruction to “come out from among them” and be separate or set apart; to touch not the unclean thing and be received of God as a son to a father; to cleanse self from all filthiness of flesh and spirit thus perfecting holiness in the fear of God. Indeed, perfect holiness, if not unmixed distinction or truly apart apartness. 2Cor. 6:16-18;7:1.
The number 66 is the number for SPEED. One can build it up from what was seen about the number 6. If 6 is six or sax or circus or circles of one who seeks then 66 or 6-to-6 is circle to circle or seeking to seeking or seeking in circles to seeking in circles or seeking inner circles to seeking inner circles or seeking inner circles going in circles to seeking inner circles going in circles. If that does not say go bicycle, go wheels in wheels, go cycling, go speed then nothing else will. And who anyway cannot see that things speed up when man’s will is caught up in the will of God and God’s will is caught up in the will of man? Ezekiel’s wheel in a wheel being a will in a will, after all. Ezek. 1:16,17; 10:10.
The number 77 is the number for WATERSHEDS. Seventy-seven then save-any-seven then save-any-savin’ or savin’-a-savin’ then save-any-saving or saving-a-saving. If this is understood the way somebody tells another doing something they want to stop to “save it” then this is saving the saving or foregoing the saving or giving the saving in the meantime or saving in order to give or saving to in order to have what to give. This is how watersheds come in. One meaning of a watershed is what water experts call a drainage basin, catchment basin, catchment, catchment area, drainage area, river basin, water basin thus a region of land within which water flows down into a specified body, such as a river, lake, sea, or ocean. So watersheds spiritually are collections of supply or resource pooling that has its mind elsewhere for the masses downstream. People downstream in terms of space are those who are remote or far away while people downstream in time are those in the future. The second meaning of watershed is that it is a parting or a divide of such basins or collection areas side-by-side thus again it is a multiplier of distribution points or simply a distributor of a single supply. Thirdly a watershed appears in the expression “watershed moment” which is an event upon which succeeding developments come to depend. In other words, a history-making, trendsetting, chain-reaction-starting event or group of events; a preamble that the tomorrows would fall apart without; a lifetime that sets things up for generations; an experience that provides answers to life after the fact.
The number 88 is the number for ETIQUETTE being A TICKET. Eighty-eight is “eighty Kate” which is “etiquette” which then is “a ticket”. It’s all in the sounds. Etiquette is good manners. So etiquette is a ticket means good manners are a key to people’s goodwill, a key to their hearts locked to everyone else. Hence the value of the hospitality by which some entertain or get a ticket to encounters of angels unawares as seen in Abraham regarding Melchizedek and the three heavenly visitors at Mamre. The Shunnemite host of Elisha who got a son and other tickets or ticket items, if not big ticket items, because of it. Heb. 13:2. Gen. 18:1-22;19:1. 2Kings 4:8,13.
The number 99 is the number for MAXIMA and a MARKSMAN. Because 99 feels like -9+9, it is easy to see it as the picture of being EXTREME. Going from one extreme on one end to an extreme or maximum on the opposite end. The PENDULUM and its maximums or MAXIMA. As if an ALPHA AND OMEGA or an author and finisher of faith or beginning and end – not in place of Jesus but as Christlike to a degree. This EXTREMIST tendency, ironically, makes it the best at AVERAGES or finding a middle ground APPROXIMATELY, GAUGING well where to AIM or being able to get things FAIR AND SQUARE in its CROSSHAIRS. Hence MAXIMA turning to MAXIMA-N then MARKSMAN. Rev. 1:8,11. Heb. 12:2.

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