The 67 Update - As Simple As 123, Chapter Five.

Chapter Five

Looking at numbers being as simple as one step at a time backwards (98,87,76,65…21).

98 going on 87…

The number 98 is the number for COMMERCE or COMERS-GOERS. “Ninety eight” is approximately “not to wait” thus “coming and going” rather than staying. The commerce or high turnover of people who are comers-goers in a company, society, movement or project. Showing up briefly and playing a limited role or being temporarily instrumental in events or situations then getting off the scene. Not overstaying their welcome. People seeing this sign may be the ones called upon to be a comer and goer or it may be that somebody else is going to be a comer-goer in a certain season of their life. Not every engagement should be permanent – whether it be of client and provider or of staff and employer or of friend and ally or of neighbour and one with whom to coexist. Indeed also commerce or in-and-out of comers-goers is like commas or parentheses of commercial breaks or simply commercials as those of TV.

The number 87 is the number for THE BARREN SONG. Prophet Isaiah says what will get the barren woman to have children, even more than the unbarren, is her song. That song of the barren is really the song of faith which, according to Apostle Peter, will not make her be neither barren nor unfruitful in her knowledge of Christ unless it is the song of an 8th thing that 7 things have been added to or that has 7 things tucked in or the 8th thing on a string of 7 or the 8th thing stringing 7 things along. The song of faith along with knowledge, virtue, temperance, patience, godliness, brotherly kindness and love. Isa. 54:1. 2Pet. 1:5-8.


76 going on 65…

The number 76 is the number for MERCHANDISE AND MUCH ADVICE. Multitude of counselors or counsel, in other words. As if merchandise is much advice or merchandise of ideas or much advice of ideas. People are selling a person their opinions or proposals and he says he is not buying their ideas, wholly or to a degree, in some cases and is buying them, wholly or to a degree, in other cases so this is merchandise like the merchandise in shops. Much advice to act on or choose from is reflected in seventy six bordering on “seven to six” bordering on “seven tasks” bordering on several considerations to work through for the best fit. Sorting that out is multitasking therefore. Like making out what’s what between the advice of one doctor saying a low-fat-high-carbohydrate diet is ideal and another saying a high-fat-low-carbohydrate diet is ideal – on top of all the other contradictions the nutritionists keep dishing out. It’s not either/or and neither is it all things but certainly it is “all things considered.”

The number 65 is the number for PARTINGS OF WAYS, FORKS IN THE ROAD THUS THE NEED FOR FOCUS. Parting of ways means, of the two or three things a person has been doing, a person must go on with only one or two. Or that, of the two or three persons he or she has been doing things with, a person must go on with only one or two. This is similar to being on the road and coming up to what is known as a Y junction or a fork in the road or where it splits; so that one has to forsake one route in favour of another. It is interesting that to “decide” is to take a side or to be “this side”. Forks therefore are a focus point – both in that focus helps someone decide and to decide helps someone focus on or dwell on or go deeper on or limit attention to one aspect. How someone can know 65 is the number for this is by looking at the year 1965 for example: the year Malcolm X parted ways with the Nation of Islam; the year that the US government parted from its policy against Blacks voting, after massive marches from Selma, Alabama decided about that inequality not going forward; the year that the US landed its troops way out of its way into the effort to part its ally South Vietnam from being annexed by North Vietnam; the year that neighbour countries sided with Britain siding against Rhodesia or present-day Zimbabwe getting independence.


54 going on 43…

The number 54 is the number for SURPRISES. On one hand, fifty four sounds like visit-for hence visitations or surprises. This is like wildfire. Fire falls anywhere, anyhow, as it were. On the other hand, it is “five four” then “fiver-four” then “favour’s form” which is no form at all or the form of having no form since God’s favour or preferential treatment tends to look random or disorderly or as sheer luck. Therefore surprising or taking the form of surprises. It’s magic or “now you see me, now you don’t”. Blessing is made up of blessings meaning the lifetime God-kind of good luck, unlike the world’s idea of luck, is a series of lucky breaks, so to speak. A game of chances – predictable, Yes, and chances that can be made, but chances still, like those of Eccles. 9:11 which says “I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.” Chances of swiftness in races, chances of strength in battle, chances of wisdom that puts bread on the table, chances of ununderstandable riches and chances of skill that wins favour.

The number 43 is the number for DETAIL. Forty three, rearranged, is “forthy tree” which is “for the tree” and, when read directly with a British accent, it is “for a tree”. Both lead to “for the treat” or “for a treat” which is detail because tree care is involving and hands-on and thorough. Never general or an overview. Like that fine-print business of the husbandman whom Jesus referred to in John 15. That of cutting off fruitless branches meanwhile pruning those that do bear in order to bear more.


32 going on 21…

The number 32 is the number for ALTERNATIVES. The sound of thirty-two is “that too” which would suggest another option, another possibility; thus an alternative. One man of God has pointed out how often believers have settled for doing the seemingly inevitable bad thing for the right reasons only because they have not learned to trust God for the “third alternative.” Since there is no such thing as a third alternative then this would have to be supernatural.

The number 21 is the number for PERFECTION. Benjamin Franklin was the one who first made people note that it takes 21 days to master or perfect a habit. He has been generally proven right. Perfecting a habit is the same as perfecting a skill or an art. Indeed also it can speak of perfect understanding of a problem, perfect prayer like that of Daniel to signal the end of Babylonian exile of the Israelites and so on and so forth.

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