This Is That

This Is That has been a favourite of almost all who have heard it. It’s old-fashioned pentecostal flair being the remarkable feature, apart from being spiritual and original. At a fast tempo and with clapping along, this classic will get congregations stirring and wild in no time leaving the atmosphere begging for more. So what does it go like? Here are the lyrics and audio for the medley in which it features on one of the Songs to Glory albums. ….


This is that;

That the prophet Joel prophesied;

This is that;

It’s the promise of the Lord;

This is that;

Being poured upon all flesh;

This is that;

This is that; that;

that new wine

///Yes they will prophesy;

your daughters and your sons;

Your old men dreaming dreams;

Young men by visions see;

Everywhere it will be real;

The fire and the zeal;

This is that;

This is that; that; that; New wine


///Now don’t just stand and stare;

Jump in and boldly dare;

To take what’s truly yours;

The river fully flows;

There’s no telling;

What can be;

When in abandon;

You go free;

This is that;

This is that; that; that; New wine